Door and Window Glass Replacement and Repair in Orlando, Conway, Doctor Phillips, Ocoee, Pine hills, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Winter Springs, Oviedo, Union Park, Winter Park

Orlando glass doorsWindow Glass comes in may compositions, thicknesses, and colors. The most common type in Florida is 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick clear annealed glass. The new building codes specify unprotected openings will be made of impact resistant glass in most of the state. Impact glass is made from laminating only two pieces of glass together with a highly adhesive plastic layer between. The new composition of glass stays together even if both pieces of glass crack. This has been around for years, and has been called laminated glass or sometimes burglar resistant glass.

Insulated or double pane window glass is made from sealing two pieces of glass together with an air space between. Each piece breaks independently, if one or the other piece breaks then the whole insulated unit will need replacement. The good news is that windows will typically be sealed from the weather if only one of the pieces is intact.

Door and Glass Services works on all types of windows from high-rise commercial curtain walls to ground floor residential window glass. Our team is ready to help with your window glass replacement today.