How Door and Glass Services Grew From Tampa to Palm Beach, Orlando, Cape Coral, Sarasota, and Throughout Florida

We started doing business in Tampa in 2008 when the economy was less than perfect. Being a new company and operating a glass repair company in a recession, we were willing to go to any corner of Florida for work. We started doing repair work for fitness clubs in Tampa. After a few months of working together, we were asked if we would be willing to travel to Orlando to maintain all of their locations in that market. We did, and before much longer a second client, a large bank, asked us to do their maintainence in Orlando, Palm Beach, and beyond. This lead to a lot of driving trying to keep our customers happy. After a few more months, we picked up a second large banking client and a fast food chain! The driving became too much so we began looking for the right people to bring into the business. We sure found them too. The economy set free a lot of very talented people and we were able to get them back to work.

Now we have an employee network across the state performing door and glass repairs every day. It only makes sense to extend the same professional level of service to residential clients in the same areas.

When I say that we have built a company on customer service, you can know that we have been working for some of the most demanding clients and we have not lost the first one. Our guys clean up after themselves, they communicate with our clients and our office to keep everyone informed. We have developed a great company that treats people the right way, and I hope you will feel comfortable allowing us the opportunity to perform our services on your behalf.

Shaun Podenak